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Build AI apps in hours with Gadget’s new OpenAI connection



Spin up AI apps quickly with Gadget’s built-in OpenAI connection, vector support, and response streaming




Build AI apps in hours with Gadget’s new OpenAI connection

Emma Hyde
August 22, 2023

TL;DR: You can now use Gadget to rapidly build and deploy AI apps thanks to our new built-in OpenAI connection, native vector support, and $50 of free OpenAI credits. 

As developers, we need to be able to quickly build performant, unique AI solutions to keep up with the wave of new technology, tools, and ideas created by the AI craze. With Gadget, you have all of the tooling you need to spin up AI apps in a matter of hours.

In just a few short months, AI has given developers a whole new world of opportunities. We’ve seen new solutions to old problems, like chatbots that help us answer questions and converse with users, or content generators for both images and text. We’ve seen tools arise that let us do things that felt prohibitively difficult before, like processing and actioning on immense amounts of data, making tasks and projects infinitely faster.

In such a crowded market, first-mover’s advantage is real for AI app developers. Gadget’s hosted and scalable cloud infrastructure, combined with our new suite of AI tooling, means that you can focus on building the things that make your app unique and get to market faster than you ever thought possible.

An old approach to a new technology

Before today, if you wanted to build an AI app, you would find yourself in a maze of rabbit holes. You would go through the trouble of finding a provider with native vector support, meandering through the headache of integrating auth across the frontend, backend, and database layers of your app, and setup custom API permissions. Then there’s the time that goes into connecting the different parts of your stack while jumping through hoops to keep everything secure. Eventually, you get to a place where you can start introducing features, and you end up stuck building the basics like auth and billing.

With the way we’ve always built apps, you end up starting a project you’re excited about, and slowly descend into increasingly frustrating problems. By the time you start on the fun part of your build, you would be hours, if not days or weeks, into building all of the basic features and infrastructure — and that’s before you even get to the matter of deploying, hosting, and maintaining your project as it scales.

With Gadget, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You start with a full-stack development environment that’s setup with extensible SaaS features like auth and billing, and you jump directly into writing the code you actually enjoy.

Gadget: A toolbox built for AI app developers

Training your LLM is the fun part of building AI apps, and with Gadget, you can skip the boring part of building your app, like setting up the infrastructure that powers your app — we handle that part for you. 

With Gadget, you get a zero-setup, zero-config JS environment that has everything you need to build and launch your AI apps in hours. All the setup, hosting, deploys, and maintenance is taken care of right out of the box, with essential features included from the moment you start a project. We know you’d prefer to spend your time building unique, cutting-edge features for your apps, not bogged down by building the same basic features and infrastructure that have been built a million times before. 

Extensible AI features, with zero setup

All AI projects come with all of the usual Gadget goodies, which means everything is serverless, auto-scaled, and set up from the moment you start your app. You get a built-in OpenAI connection, native vector database support, response streaming, and of course, Node18 so it’s easy to build with modern technologies like LangChain. Both vector storage and similarity search are supported natively in Gadget, as most AI-powered chatbots, document services, resource searches, and other tools make use of vector embeddings.

With Gadget, you can focus on the fun parts of your build, spending your time on building feature-rich, unique applications. We’ll worry about the boring things like setup and maintenance.

OpenAI credits for all

Experimentation is essential, and we’re giving you the tools to do it. To celebrate our launch, every AI project built with Gadget will have access to Gadget’s managed OpenAI credentials and will include $50 in credits per Gadget team, so you can run tests and experiments using Gadget’s keys.

Don’t start from scratch

You don’t have to build your AI app from scratch.

Gadget’s AI app starter project includes a working OpenAI connection and provides an example of streaming responses from OpenAI via an HTTP route in Gadget. Simply input your own credentials, or use the Gadget-supplied credentials to start building in seconds. Create a new Gadget app at, select the AI app project, and choose a domain name.

We also have an AI app tutorial you can follow along with, and starter templates you can fork and use as a starting point, such as our Chat-GPT clone.

With the new OpenAI connection and native vector support, on top of Gadget’s hosted and managed infrastructure, developers can get started building their AI apps faster than ever. Try Gadget out for free, and make use of the $50 in OpenAI credits so you can build and experiment before using Gadget’s one-click deploys to push your app to production.

If you have ideas, feedback, or questions you want to share, you can connect with the Gadget team through our Discord. We’d love to get your thoughts on the new AI features and help you build the next generation of tech.

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