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Boost Shopify sales conversions with shoppable videos.
Pretty Sales Pop Up
Show your visitors recent purchases to instill trust and increase the likelihood that they buy as well.
Lookfy Gallery
The ultimate solution for creating captivating lookbook, carousel and image gallery.
Make sharing Instagram stories a breeze for your customers. Hack word of mouth marketing at scale.
Supercharge your cart experience with incentives and promotions that will increase AOV.
Prime Bundles
Increase sales and average order value with volume discount bundles!
Pretty Comparison Tables
Stunning comparison tables for your store, highlighting why your products are worth purchasing.
Caseo AI
Auto-generate ALT-Text for product images to elevate your SEO and web accessibility.
Get context-specific copywriting for your ecommerce store with an AI-powered writing assistant.
Scale your SEO strategy quickly with AI blog content automatically written daily and published as needed.
Create SEO friendly blog posts using AI-powered content generation for your Shopify store.
An ecommerce review platform built for merchants in Latin America with a WhatsApp connection.
Send your marketing messages and campaigns through WhatsApp to keep all your customers engaged.
Frykland - Price History
Display lowest price from last 30 days to automatically comply with EU pricing regulations.
An AI copilot to analyze ecommerce metrics and receive personalized growth advice.
Drive sales and generate urgency among customers with visual countdowns and timers.
Add custom forms to your checkout page to collect additional information from your shoppers.
Unlock the power of AI-generated product descriptions and get a selection of descriptions for each of your products.
ShopFields: POS Custom Fields
Quickly collect custom product, customer or order information for your Shopify store using your POS.
Font Popper
Easily preview fonts while safely protecting them from unauthorized downloads.
Stay on top of tasks with overdue order and inventory alerts to improve customer satisfaction.
Unleash your word wizardry with Bulk Product Description to optimize hundreds of products in seconds
Cart Whisper
A cart recovery tool that lets you see live customer insights, create exit intent popups and review the unique cart IDs for custom orders.
Launch a raffle, giveaway, or sweepstakes for your Shopify store in minutes
Block coupon extensions and get notified of any coupon leaks to avoid overpaying affiliates.
Run shipping protection in-house and pocket the difference between revenue and claims.
Standard Retail
An AI-powered retail analytics platform to help merchants better understand store performance.
Personalize gifts bought from Shopify stores by including social media style video messages.
Quickly and easily resize, compress, and optimize product images for better SEO and load times.
Biscuits Customizable Bundles
Maximise your sales with multi-step, mix-and-match bundles and kits your customers can choose from.
Instant Collections
Get hundreds of unique collections suggestions for your products and save the ones you like.
Find out exactly what shoppers are looking for to better match inventory to demand.
FAQs on Metaobjects
Relieve your support by adding customizable FAQs powered by Metaobjects to your store.
Quik Image Optimizer+Watermark
Boost SEO & keep images secure: Optimize, watermark, and speed up your store effortlessly.
Increase your Shopify store’s page speed on mobile and web for a better customer experience.
Overcome variant limits by grouping products together dynamically with tags and metafields.
Emily: Smart Email Assistant
Create engaging and effective email campaigns using AI-powered technology in one click.
Canary: Integrity Validator
Validate and monitor your store's data and detect issues in your store before they lose you money.
Argo AI Checkout Upsell
Upsell and cross-sell on the storefront and checkout, and add AI logic to create the right offers.
Vendor Details on Metaobjects
A Shopify app to help merchants display the Vendor details for their brands using metaobjects.
Aetrex Size Right
The Sizeright widget utilizes the device camera to offers size recommendations to customers.
Dyno Auto Tag
Improve site searchability with an automated tagging app to sort and tag all of your products.
Elliott helps generate unique product descriptions - making sure your product page is SEO-friendly.