Build apps in hours, not days

Gadget is the fastest way to build apps. We handle the boilerplate and the busywork, and leave you with only the business logic to code.

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A cradle for your code

Stop writing the same code over and over. Gadget cradles your code in an intelligent way, allowing you to tap into the common functionality you need, without having to build it from scratch.

Code Snippet

Build more, code less

From login & auth to permissioning and API generation, Gadget provides you with powerful, extensible abstractions that you can plug into, with minimal coding.

Death to boilerplate!

No more busy work. Write short code snippets for your unique business logic, and leave the repetitive stuff to us.

Built-in connections

Select from a library of built-in connectors to the most popular third party APIs. Add rich functionality to your application without the pain of integrations.

Declarative all the way!

Gadget offers a set of building blocks that let you build and reason about your application in a more productive way.

Field Type

Your app, your way

Use our primitives to go fast, or write Javascript code as needed. Gadget gets out of your way whenever you need it to.

Powerful building blocks

Leverage rich field types, transactions, visual statecharts, and other components designed to make it faster and easier to build your application.

Scale with peace of mind

Your code is neatly tucked away in our zero-bootup serverless functions, hosted on Google Cloud. Your app is automatically scaled through a combination of Google and Gadget strategies.

Google Cloud