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A message from the founders...

Harry and Mo the founders of Gadget standning side by side

We’re tired of boilerplate work. We’re sick of abstractions that miss the mark. We’re done building auth for the thousandth time. We want to work on fun and novel challenges.

At Gadget, we believe that most software is built on common, low-level patterns that we’ve all been following and have collectively established. We’ve repeatedly built the world’s most powerful applications, garage startups, and everything in between using these best practices. Yet, we continue to build from scratch every single time. As self-proclaimed stewards of efficiency, we admit, we’re some of the worst offenders. 

In our defence, the tools we use to build software do little to help us get there quickly. We’re faced with endless options for tools and libraries that take more effort to integrate than they’re worth, and heaps of documentation to sift through. And we’re meant to stitch it all together from the ground up. For the first time. For the thousandth time.

And so that’s what we do. We spend days containerizing the same old infrastructure, deploying a database, setting up logging tools and more, before we can even begin writing the first line of useful code related to our project. We rebuild the endless stream of table-stakes features: auth, payments, search, permissions management ... Nothing unique or novel, not enough to make a compelling product, but still required every time. Then, we finally get to the good stuff, the business logic that makes our app special, only to find that much more of our focus goes to operating and scaling our apps. Our days involve repetitive tasks that just need to get done: running schema migrations, tuning config knobs, improving pagination, adding sortable tables... 

We deserve better.  

And that’s what Gadget promises. A better development stack. 

The Gadget stack makes development fun again. We’ve taken the repetitive work of building a backend out of the equation. We’ve provided the infrastructure to support you as you scale. We don’t prescribe how you should build your app, but we do provide the best defaults for the low-level primitives so that you don’t ever have to think about the basics again, unless you want to. And if you ever outgrow our defaults, you have complete control of the stack, to replace and extend as you need, with built-in escape hatches everywhere. 

Gadget is the solution to needless repetition, frustration and inefficiency. It’s a way to become the stewards of efficiency again. Gadget is a new dev stack that works for you, made by people like you.  

We can’t wait to see what you build with it.

Harry & Mo