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Build custom or public Shopify apps up to 5x faster, and offload the scaling and maintenance onto us. Gadget agencies build more, earn more, and maintain less.

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Build faster, maintain less, earn more.

With Gadget,  your developers can build custom or public Shopify apps up to 5x faster. And once an app is deployed, its code, database, and connection to Shopify are managed, scaled and kept up to date by us. 
So you build more, and maintain less. And your business earns more, and burns less.

Case studies

Building apps with Gadget tripled on/Sight's development output, resulting in more clients and an increase in revenue.


hours saved


developer output
By eliminating 70% of their code, Radikal was able to reintroduce app development to their business and ship 5x faster.


less code


faster development
Expanding into custom app development helped Craftberry increase revenue by 30% and double their staff with Gadget


revenue increase


less development
Custom Shopify app that automated shipping rate updates across 1,200+ Shopify stores.


Stores updated


hours saved
UPEZ went from bootstrapping their public Shopify app to earning a profit in less than a year, thanks to Gadget's ready-made infrastructure that let them go to market quickly.


faster build time


costs saved
Leveraging Gadget’s built-in Shopify connection and relational database, Meekco cut their development time in half.


less dev time


hours saved
Gadget gave the Shopify theme agency the resources to build faster, maintain less, and expand their business to include app development.


lines of code


faster to deploy

How quickly can my devs build common projects?

Built in 3 hours
Automatically tag Shopify products against a custom keyword list.
Create a product tagger
7 minute tutorial
Built in 3 days
ERP Sync: Synchronize store data with your preferred ERP.
Create a middleware app
6 minute tutorial
Built in 5 days
Recommend products based on shopper responses to surveys.
Create a product quiz
10 minute tutorial
Built in 1 day
System to manage complex product information.
Built in 1 day
Show your buyers an upsell on Shopify checkout.
Built in 1 day
Custom dashboard based on Shopify API data.
Built in 1 day
Sync inventory data across multiple Shopify Plus stores.
Built in 1 week
Fulfillment service to query shipping rates and delivery times.
Built in 2 days
Discounting logic not supported natively by Shopify.

What do agencies build with Gadget?

Syncing apps
Leverage Gadget’s built-in integration, and stateful sync, to synchonize Shopify data with any third party API without ever dropping a record.
Create a middleware app
6 minute tutorial
Internal tools and automations
Leverage Gadget’s built-in Admin UIs to offer merchant’s custom software that automates menial, and repetitive work.
Create a product tagger
7 minute tutorial
Apps that increase sales
Build apps with buyer-facing interfaces presented on Shopify Storefront, Checkout or POS to make improve your shopping experience and increase sales.
Create a product quiz
10 minute tutorial
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A terminal window showing a log from a one-click deploy

One-click deploys

With Gadget, development and production environments live side-by-side so you can instantly deploy and scale your applications at every tier. There’s no containerization, asset building, tunnelling, domains, or build scripts required.
Start an app
A terminal window showing a log from a one-click deploy

Explore the stack

Connection Icon

Platform connections

Connect to Shopify with just a few clicks. OAuth instantly, sync data, and react to webhooks with minimal code.

Database Icon

Managed database

Define models with advanced field types, custom validations,and relationships. Gadget creates, hosts, migrates, and scales your database for you.

App Management Icon

Hosted frontend

Make beautiful apps quickly, with a hosted, embedded frontend that has Shopify Polaris and the Gadget API fully set up on every new project.

Code Icon

JS environment

Extend your backend logic with Javascript functions. Use our built-in web editor or sync files locally and use your own.

GraphQL API Icon

Extensible APIs

Get an extensible GraphQL API and a typesafe NPM package instantly. Build CRUD and custom endpoints in no time.

File Storage Icon

File storage

Upload and store images and media files to our secure, performant CDN. Limit uploads by mimetypes and size.

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