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Build, deploy, and host Shopify apps in hours, with Gadget

Skip the busywork with built-in ecommerce integrations, a fully managed database, instant APIs, and hosted React frontends.

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12 mins

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Serverless infrastructure

Shopify Connection






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User management

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Shopify apps built with Gadget

AI-generated content
Create high-quality, product descriptions and blog posts for your brand in seconds with the AI-powered copywriter.
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Shoppable videos
Boost Shopify sales conversions with shoppable videos.
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Social proof popups
Show your visitors recent purchases to instill trust and increase the likelihood that they buy as well.
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Pretty Sales Pop Up

Why is Gadget faster and better exactly?

Gadget makes Shopify app development faster by giving you a fully setup backend that’s connected to Shopify’s APIs, and an embedded app frontend that is setup from the get go. Gadget’s framework lets you sync data without rate limits, read and write to Shopify without integrating, and gives you all of the serverless infrastructure you need to launch quickly, and maintain less.
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What do developers build with Gadget?

Syncing apps
Leverage Gadget’s built-in integration, and stateful sync, to synchonize Shopify data with any third party API without ever dropping a record.
Create a middleware app
6 minute tutorial
Internal tools and automations
Leverage Gadget’s built-in Admin UIs to offer merchant’s custom software that automates menial, and repetitive work.
Create a product tagger
7 minute tutorial
Apps that increase sales
Build apps with buyer-facing interfaces presented on Shopify Storefront, Checkout or POS to make improve your shopping experience and increase sales.
Create a product quiz
10 minute tutorial
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One-click deploys

With Gadget, development and production environments live side-by-side so you can instantly deploy and scale your applications at every tier. There’s no containerization, asset building, tunnelling, domains, or build scripts required.
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Case studies

AI-powered copy-writing assistant that helps merchants create SEO-friendly product descriptions and blog posts.


app installs


less code
Saved hundreds of hours of manual work by creating an app that would automatically update the blog with the latest pricing for featured products


blogs automated

5 days

to build
Leveraging Gadget’s built-in Shopify connection and relational database, Meekco cut their development time in half.


less dev time


hours saved