Choose from a growing list of Shopify, OpenAI and web templates that you can extend with Gadget.

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Fork a ready-made project to kick off your next build, and skip the boilerplate.

Shopify carrier service

Query shipping rates of your Shopify products using the Fedex API

TailwindCSS web app template

A copy of Gadget's default web app template, styled with TailwindCSS.

Automated product tagger

Automate tagging products with extracted keywords using Gadget's Shopify connection

Existing service onboarding

Use Gadget's Shopify integration for onboarding users to an existing external service.

Stripe integration (alpha)

An implementation of the Stripe billing quickstart.

Blog with Google OAuth

Create a backend for a blog with post authoring and publishing

ChatGPT clone

A ChatGPT clone, built on Gadget in under 30 minutes!

Use Vue.js instead of React

Want to work in Vue instead of React? This app provides Vue's quickstart so you can get started on building frontends, fast!

One page website starter

A one page website starter for your SaaS, built with TailwindCSS.

AI screenwriter

Use the built-in OpenAI connection to create vector embeddings and stream a chat response from OpenAI to your frontend.