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Join the Gadget incubator program to build a business in just 10 weeks



Starting September 15, the Gadget incubator program will help 20 ambitious founders build and launch a SaaS-based company.




Join the Gadget incubator program to build a business in just 10 weeks

Emma Hyde
August 31, 2023

TL;DR: Gadget is running an incubator program to help ambitious developers get their SaaS-based businesses up and running.

If you’ve been sitting on a kickass business idea, you love writing JavaScript, and you’ve got a growth mindset, then clear your calendar.

This September, Gadget will run an incubator program for 20 ambitious founders to build and launch their own SaaS-based company. The bootcamp-style co-working program will last 10 weeks, and by the end of it, participants will launch a finished product, equipped with a plan to grow and scale.

Building any app from scratch takes time and resources, so the Gadget team will be there to help you every step of the way. Throughout the program, participants will have access to workshops to help with concepts like building with Gadget, working with AI, planning a go-to-market strategy, and more.

An ambitious timeline

With Gadget, it’s possible to build and launch apps in a fraction of the time, compared to building them from scratch, and the incubator program will be fast-paced.

In the first few days, we’ll work together to build a 10-week plan on how to deliver on both an MVP and a launch. We’ll set deadlines and goals to hold ourselves accountable and schedule check-in times to make sure everything is on track. 

After that, weeks 1-5 will be spent building and creating a draft of the GTM plan. We want to launch a company in 10 weeks, and that means each participant needs to have their MVP ready as soon as possible, so we need to build fast. By the end of week 5, all participants will get together to demo their app and gather feedback from the group. 

From there, participants will spend weeks 6-10 iterating on their MVP, using the feedback from the week 5 demos to refine, polish, and finalize their apps for launch. We’ll also use this time to finalize go-to-market plans for launch day.

Experienced mentors

Throughout the course of the 10 weeks, the Gadget team will be available for mentorship and guidance. You’ll have access to a wealth of experience from the people who built and scaled the infrastructure at Shopify. They know what it’s like to turn a concept into a product with millions of users.

Our CEO, Mohammad Hashemi, will be participating alongside everyone, building his own app over the course of 10 weeks. He’ll bring his experience from Shopify to provide participants with valuable insights on product decision-making, go-to-market strategies, and fundraising.

Kyle Tate, Head of Data at Gadget, will provide insights into working with LLMs, and how founders can work with such a new technology. As the former Head of Data at Shopify, he was responsible for how Shopify built AI-powered products.

For participants looking for help understanding the technical aspects of building a product, Gadget CTO Harry Brundage will be available for advice on managing infrastructure and building innovative products. Harry was responsible for scaling Shopify’s core infrastructure.

Resources to help you succeed

The incubator program will not only include a community of entrepreneurs and founders. Participants will also have access to Gadget’s solutions engineers, marketing experts, and developer advocate team to build and launch their SaaS-based companies. We’ll provide $1,000 in Gadget hosting credits and $1,000 in ad credits so participants can comfortably grow without having to worry. Pair programming sessions will also be available to work through tricky problems.

The program is open to JS developers worldwide, though it’s important to note that workshops will be hosted in Eastern Time. If you have any questions or want to connect with other developers building on Gadget, join our Discord.

The deadline to apply is September 12. Apply now.

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