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Instantly upgrade your Shopify app’s API version with Gadget



Forget painful Shopify API upgrades. Update to the latest version in the click of a button with Gadget's quarterly migration support.




Instantly upgrade your Shopify app’s API version with Gadget

Ralf Elfving
March 1, 2023

Gadget now manages Shopify API versioning for you.

Spend your time building new features and functionality, not maintaining old ones. In two clicks, Gadget immediately upgrades your app to the latest Shopify API version, and automatically creates and maps the latest fields and models for you.

We give you an at-a-glance summary that lets you immediately see what API resources are deprecated and updated for your app so you know exactly what’s changing. And if you want, force a globalShopifySync mutation to quickly backfill all the data you need for your existing records.

Upgrade, roll-out, repeat

As most developers in the Shopify ecosystem know, Shopify releases new API versions every quarter. It’s how the platform rolls out exciting new functionality and deprecates unsupported resources.

This means every quarter, there are new models, fields, and functionalities for developers to take advantage of for their apps, unlocking possibilities for their users.

However, they also deprecate API versions older than one year, forcing developers to stay up to date on the latest APIs. As they deprecate older versions, Shopify applies a warning to any app using unsupported API resources, and public apps that haven't upgraded their APIs by the deadline risk being delisted from the Shopify App store. For already installed apps, merchants will see warnings about the app being outdated. Not a great experience.

Example of an app using a deprecated API version, from Shopify docs.

So whether you’re looking to take advantage of new data or simply avoid those deprecation flags, Gadget’s new API upgrade flow lets you update the API version of your Shopify apps as new versions become available – without it becoming a time-consuming burden.

Out with the old, in with the new

It’s time to stop spending hours digging through hundreds of lines of code just to update some models. Instead, Gadget lets you upgrade your app to a new Shopify API version with the click of a button and get back to building great apps.

To review or manage your Shopify API version in Gadget simply go to:

Your apps > Select app > Connections > Shopify

There, you can find a summary of all the changes to the Shopify API resources your app is using. Click upgrade, confirm the changes, and any new fields will be added to your Shopify models and updated with any additional webhooks.

An example of the Shopify API upgrade flow in Gadget

With Gadget Environments, your upgrade will apply to your development environment first, allowing you the ability to test that your app works as expected on the new API version. Once confirmed, deploy your app, and the API upgrade will be rolled out to your production environment. 

As new fields become available, you can choose to backfill them with historical data that was unavailable in earlier versions of the API. To do this, run a <inline-code>globalShopifySync<inline-code> mutation with the <inline-code>force<inline-code> option set to <inline-code>true<inline-code> and set how far back you want to sync records for. Gadget will automatically sync data from Shopify for all stores that have installed your app, and run any actions you have set up on the applicable records. Backfilling data has truly never been this easy. 

If you’re still hungry for more details, all the nitty gritty information is available in our Shopify API upgrade docs. There, we share more about how to easily upgrade your apps’ Shopify API version, including how to backfill data for any new fields that have been added. As always, reach out to us in our Discord if you have any questions.

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