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Introducing... Riley! Gadget's newest Developer Advocate



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Introducing... Riley! Gadget's newest Developer Advocate

Riley Draward
July 15, 2022

Hello there! I’m Riley, Gadget’s newest Developer Advocate.

I started back at the beginning of May 2022, and have been busy learning the ins and outs of developer relations and the Shopify ecosystem.

Why did I join Gadget?

I’ve been working as a dev for 8 years now, and have been a part of startups, scale-ups, and large corporations. And despite the size differences between companies, they were all solving the same kinds of technical problems. It became frustrating to run into the same flavours of configuration problems no matter the company.

This is a nice way of saying that I grew tired of slamming my head against the keyboard while working on yaml and json configuration files and reading through their not-always-fantastic documentation. Shout-out to the OG webpack docs.

I fell in love with Gadget’s mission: do more, code less.

Let me code up the fun stuff, while Gadget takes care of the rest.

And that is exactly what I want to help you to do!

If you need any help building in Gadget, setting up a Shopify app, or just want to chat about your favourite NBA team or why Obi-Wan Kenobi was a disappointment, feel free to book some time in my calendar.

I’m looking forward to building with you!


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