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Newsletter: November 2022



Read about everything that happened in November: improved UI, new settings, and a whole lot of tutorials and videos.




Newsletter: November 2022

Riley Draward
December 7, 2022

Gadget editor UI improvements

Enjoy some major improvements to the Gadget editor UI. Here's a 2-minute summary video of the changes, which includes:

  • Simplified navigation, with less clicks needed to get to where you’re trying to go.
  • Edit your code files side by side with your models.
  • A more compact design reduces the need to scroll.

New settings: Invite contributors, delete an app

Check out two new settings we've added to your Gadget apps, you'll find them  in the new Settings menu in the left-hand nav. 

  • Invite contributors to help develop your app. Simply add their email to send them an invite.
  • Delete your app if you want to tear it down and start over. There’s no undo, so don’t try it unless you’re sure.

Looking for inspiration?

Find out about how ONELIVE, a leading ecommerce-as-a-service provider, saved thousands of hours by building an automated shipping rate updater for the 1000+ Shopify Plus brands they manage.

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New & Noteworthy

Build a merchant billing experience for your Shopify app

If you want to make money off your public Shopify app, you need to get paid. Luckily, we recorded a video explaining our new billing example app with one-time payments, free trials, recurring subscriptions, and subscription credits! 


Need tips on how to find your next Shopify app idea?

We spoke to Shopify app developers and put together a list of practical tips on how to discover new opportunities in the Shopify app ecosystem. 


How to build an embedded Shopify app, really fast

Watch Alexander Hupfer’s walk-through how to build an embedded Shopify app using Gadget, Shopify CLI and Polaris – really fast.


The API client no longer fetches relationships by default

Gadget’s API client no longer fetches related data by default, instead you need to ask for related data with the select param explicitly. Take a look at our example app’s API reference for more info on the select param.

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Join leading agencies making the switch to Gadget and experience the difference a full-stack platform can make.

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