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Shopify API version 2023-07: now available in all Gadget apps



You can now upgrade your Gadget apps to use API version 2023-07 in just a few clicks.




Shopify API version 2023-07: now available in all Gadget apps

Riley Draward
August 21, 2023

Tl;dr: You can now upgrade the API version of your Shopify Connection in Gadget to 2023-07, with just a couple of clicks.

Upgrading to the latest version of the Shopify API can be a pain. You need to manually sort through their API version release notes, make changes to models in your underlying database and persist changes throughout the rest of your application stack. Shopify deprecates API versions more than a year old, so at a minimum, you need to upgrade every year. And because Shopify rolls out a new API version every 3 months, you need to repeat this process multiple times per year if you want to continue to build state-of-the-art ecommerce apps with the latest and greatest tools released by Shopify.

Gadget takes the tedious manual work out of upgrading your app’s Shopify API version. You can upgrade and make changes to your data models in just two clicks, and a full list of changes that may have an impact on your application is presented to you, so you can quickly find and update the code that is relevant to your application.

Changes in 2023-07

Available today, you can now upgrade your Gadget apps to use API version 2023-07, which includes the following changes:

1. Addition of the read_cart_transform and write_cart_transform scopes

With the addition of these scopes, you can use Gadget to build custom bundle applications using Shopify’s Cart Transform Function and metafields. These scopes can now be added to your app on the Shopify Connection editor in Gadget. Make sure your development store has Checkout extensibility enabled in order to get access to these features!

2. Multiple updates to Order scopes and models

There are multiple changes related to orders that accompany this API upgrade:

  • Purchase order numbers are now available on Order and Draft Order models through the new po_number field, and a new tax_exempt field has been added to the Order model. 
  • Sale attribution edits can now be subscribed to using the orders/updated webhook and the attributedStaffs field on the OrderLineItem model. 
  • The delivery_category field is removed from the Shipping Lines model.

3. New Customer Mergeable model to support the Customer Merge API
Track the merging of customers using a Customer Mergeable data model. The Customer Mergeable model is related to the Customer model and requires the read_customer_merge scope, now available in the Shopify Connection editor.

Upgrading Shopify API versions has never been easier

Gadget makes updating your app’s Shopify API version a breeze — all it takes is a couple of clicks.

Go to the Connections page and select your Shopify Connection. There you will see the current API version and a link to upgrade. 

Click Upgrade and you will go to the API upgrade page that highlights all of the field changes that will affect Shopify models that are being used in your app. This includes fields that will be added, deprecated, modified, or disconnected. 

Once you are happy with the changes, click Upgrade and confirm, and changes will be applied to your Shopify models automatically.

Make sure to also upgrade your API version in the Partners dashboard. After upgrading your API version, you may wish to backfill existing records with new values by running a forced sync.

Have questions about upgrading your Shopify API in Gadget? Ask in our developer Discord or read our API upgrade documentation.

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