Connect Shopify to anything — with code.

Integrate faster, and at a lower operating cost with Gadget's full-stack cloud solution.

Integrate with any API

Build two-way data syncs between Shopify and your preferred PIM or ERP.

Build faster and cut costs

Building and maintaining iPaaS solutions is costly. With Gadget, you can build exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost.

Zero setup

Instantly get a cloud-based development environment connected to the Shopify data you need.

Robust infrastructure

Synchronize millions of records back and forth with peace of mind. Gadget’s battle-tested infrastructure can handle integrations of any size.

Low monthly costs

No setup costs or monthly minimums. With Gadget’s pay-per-use pricing, you start for free and pay only for the compute time used.

It is frustrating for a merchant to pay close to €15,000 every month for a sync that takes over 6 hours to complete. With Gadget, we can create a more intelligent and faster sync at a much lower running cost.
Wouter Monkhurst
CEO & Co-Founder, CODE
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Fast, reliable, real-time data sync

Real-time webhook events

No more batching data, instantly react to Shopify events and keep your integrations up to date in real-time.

Sync historical data

Sync historical data with a single API call. Gadget will handle the rate limits for you under the hood.

Sync Shopify product

Take control of your data

Fully customizable

No code solutions limit what you can build. Gadget lets you intercept, enrich, and mutate the data to your liking in a fully setup Node.js environment.

Flexibility with metafields

Sync, query, and mutate metafields, allowing you to tap into all of your Shopify data as you build integrations.

No data loss, guaranteed

Our built-in data reconciliation mechanisms ensure that no data is lost while being passed between applications.

We hit a roadblock with our iPaaS when building intricate integrations at Radikal, due to the inability to access and adjust the codebase. Gadget's trust in developers to create and modify freely has been a game-changer and we haven't looked back since.
Dietlev Maertens
Founder & CEO, Radikal
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