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Resource tracking made easy: Introducing the Usage & Billing page



Manage and monitor your apps’ resource usage with all the detailed insights and metrics available on the new Usage & Billing page.




Resource tracking made easy: Introducing the Usage & Billing page

Ralf Elfving
March 15, 2023

TL;DR: Manage and monitor your apps’ resource usage with the new Usage & Billing page in Gadget.

Get the full picture

The new comprehensive overview gives you more insight and control over your apps’ cloud resource usage. Compare usage over time, review account-level usage summaries, or see a breakdown by individual apps.

Stay on top of all of the resources that matter most to your apps so you can code with confidence. Monitor all of your key metrics and app success at a glance, with summaries for data storage, database reads, request time, and app installations.

An example of the Usage & Billing page

Need more resources?

Every Gadget account comes with free monthly cloud resources that let you build before you buy. The Usage & Billing page allows you to monitor consumption so you can understand how to scale your app resources when the time comes. 

All your usage resets each month, so you can compare to previous periods and make informed decisions about when to upgrade vs pay for overages. You deserve to have a clear picture of how much the unit cost of more resources would cost you.

And don’t worry – Gadget will send you updates as you approach your usage limits, so you can plan ahead if your app needs a top up. 

You can find your Usage & Billing page here, or in the top-left menu of your app. 

If you want to learn more about the different metrics and how they’re calculated, read the documentation. And as always, reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions

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