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Shopify API version 2024-01: now available in all Gadget apps



You can now upgrade your Gadget app to use Shopify API version 2024-01 in just a few clicks.




Shopify API version 2024-01: now available in all Gadget apps

Emma Hyde
January 18, 2024

TL;DR: Shopify API version 2024-01 is now available on all Gadget apps.

Every quarter, Shopify updates their API version to add new fields, deprecate old ones, and bring developers a whole new suite of models and resources to use in their Shopify apps and extensions. For apps built on Gadget, you’re able to upgrade to the latest version in a single click.

What’s new in 2024-01?

As of today, you can upgrade your Gadget apps to use Shopify API version 2024-01, which includes the following changes:

1. Improvements to discounts

For developers that regularly work with discounts, you’re in luck, as Shopify has introduced webhooks and topics for discount create, update, and delete events. This means your Gadget database will now be kept up-to-date with discount data stored in Shopify and discount actions will be triggered by these webhooks. This comes along with the new <inline-code>AUTOMATIC_DISCOUNT<inline-code> value that has been added to the DiscountType enum. Prior to this, automatic discounts were classified as <inline-code>MANUAL<inline-code>, now they will be represented accurately.

2. New webhooks for subscription contracts

Shopify has introduced the ability to update the status field in a subscription contract, along with new subscription statuses. Developers can now leverage the <inline-code>ACTIVATE<inline-code>, <inline-code>EXPIRE<inline-code>, <inline-code>FAIL<inline-code>, <inline-code>CANCEL<inline-code>, and <inline-code>PAUSE<inline-code> statuses to manage changes to a merchant’s app subscription. With this change, developers can build more robust product subscription apps that inform merchants when a buyer has changed their recurring subscription plan.

3. The option to split and merge fulfillment orders

Sometimes, fulfillment happens in phases, and now there’s a webhook for that. Developers can leverage <inline-code>fulfillment_orders/split<inline-code> when a fulfillment order is split into multiple fulfillment orders, and <inline-code>fulfillment_orders/merged<inline-code> when orders are being combined into one. Once again, Gadget will automatically keep any changes made to fulfillment orders in sync.

As always, there are also a number of fields that have been added, updated, or deprecated. You can review the full release notes for the 2024-01 API version in Shopify’s documentation, and see how changes are reflected in your apps in the Gadget documentation. If you have any questions about upgrading your Gadget app to the newest Shopify API version, you can stop by our Discord to connect with the team.

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