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Unlimited development environments, unlimited productivity



Explore new ideas and features without hitting your plan’s project count limits.




Unlimited development environments, unlimited productivity

Emma Hyde
July 14, 2023

You asked, and we answered.

Every Gadget plan now comes with unlimited free development environments, so you can explore new ideas and features without hitting your plan’s project count limits.

Gadget lets app developers go from concept to code without worrying about maintenance, setup, or boilerplate. Providing unlimited development environments to experiment, fork, ideate, and prototype is one more way to rapidly test and explore new app ideas. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just looking to get started, Gadget lets you innovate without restriction.

Unlimited development environments for everyone!

Explore new ideas

Creating prototypes is a critical step in bringing your ideas to life. With unlimited development environments, you’re free to try new ideas whenever you want, without worrying about hitting the cap on your plan’s project count. Whether that means building new features for your applications, or starting your next big project, you can freely explore, refine, and iterate.

Experiment and learn

Fork all the templates! The best way to learn and build your skills in Gadget is by trying things out and taking a look under the hood. Now, you can fork as many templates as you need, whether you’re looking to try new features or just understand more about how Gadget works.

Project count limitations will now only exist for production environments, so you can still invest in the apps you want to see succeed while experimenting with new ideas along the way.

If you have questions or feedback about the change, we’d love to hear from you. Join our developer community Discord to connect with the team and share your thoughts.

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