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Ready-made projects to kick off your next build

Fork an existing Gadget project and skip the boilerplate with built-in connections to ecommerce platforms, a fully managed database, instant APIs, and much more.

GPT-3 product descriptions

Use the OpenAI GPT-3 API to update product descriptions.

Automated product tagger

Automate tagging products with extracted keywords using Gadget's Shopify connection

Product recommendation quiz

Recommend products to Shopify customers based on their answers to a quiz using Gadget and Vercel

Post-purchase upsell app

Upsell customers right after checking out with Gadget and Shopify's App Extensions

Existing service onboarding

Use Gadget's Shopify integration for onboarding users to an existing external service.

Request bin

Use Gadget to easily record and display requests for inspection and debugging

Link shortener

Use Gadget to build a simple, customizable link shortener

Simple blog backend

Create a backend for a blog with post authoring and publishing

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