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Build, host, and scale LLM-powered web apps in hours with Gadget

Bring your AI model to Gadget and get a hosted SaaS application that you can sell, in hours. The platform’s built-in infrastructure, auth and billing components make it incredibly easy to go from a model, to a full-fledged company, in hours.

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Serverless infrastructure

OpenAI Connection

Vector Fields





SSO Auth

Billing Templates

User management

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Zero setup

Gadget instantly boots up serverless JS environments, and sets up a React frontend, a node.JS backend, and a database for each project.

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OpenAI Connector

Gadget has a built-in connection to OpenAI. Just plugin your API keys and immediately begin to read and write to your models.

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Auth built-in

Your frontend has Google SSO, and an email/password login setup. The backend comes with a fully wired up user management system.

Boilerplate-free framework

Gadget’s framework abstracts tricky, but important things like security, tenancy and access control, and sets those up for you with best practices.

One-click deploys

Launching your internal apps should be a breeze. With Gadget, one-click deploys enable you to instantly deploy and scale your applications at every tier, without dealing with complex setups.

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From idea to implementation

Gadget lets you turn your ideas into fully functional internal tools. Build an app to run complex data migrations or automate all of the manual tasks that slow your team down.

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AI apps built with Gadget

AI writing assistant
Get context-specific copywriting for your ecommerce store with an AI-powered writing assistant.
Created by:
Product Description Generator
Elliott helps generate unique product descriptions - making sure your product page is SEO-friendly.
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Case studies

AI-powered copy-writing assistant that helps merchants create SEO-friendly product descriptions and blog posts.


app installs


less code
Theme customizations powered by AI to help merchants market their products better with layouts and product positioning.

30 hours

to build