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New metafield types and Shopify API resources now available



Include Shopify’s powerful new Disputes, Markets, and Discounts APIs in your next app when you build on Gadget's full-stack infrastructure.




New metafield types and Shopify API resources now available

Ralf Elfving
March 9, 2023

Build with the latest Shopify APIs and API capabilities

We’ve added several new Shopify APIs and metafield types to Gadget. Now you can leverage metafield list types and the new Shopify Markets, Dispute Evidence, and Discount APIs in your projects.

As with other Shopify APIs, Gadget enables syncing and webhook processing on these new APIs out of the box, saving you endless hours of menial integration work. 

Metafield updates

Metafield list types

When Shopify introduced list types, they enabled metafields to store multiple values instead of only one. Gadget now has support for all metafield list types, which you can leverage by selecting the new “List of entries” option when connecting a Shopify metafield to Gadget. 

Collection references

The <inline-code>Collection Reference<inline-code> metafield definition and list type are now available in Gadget. They can be found in the “Metafield Type” dropdown when defining your Gadget models. 

The list type is particularly useful when creating a relationship between a record (say, a single product) and multiple collections.

Example of metafield list types and collection references in Gadget

New Shopify API models

Dispute Evidences

Dealing with payment disputes can be frustrating. Merchants using Shopify Payments manually manage their disputes in the Shopify admin, which can be burdensome when dealing with many claims. 

Gadget apps can now simplify or automate dispute workflows by using the Dispute Evidence API, which enables apps to read and write information (evidence) on a dispute object. As of writing this, you need to reach out to Shopify support to enable this API on your Shopify Partners account before you can access these models within Gadget. 

Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets enable merchants to create localized buyer experiences by customizing their domain, language, currency, and product prices for international buyers. You can now build these experiences in Gadget using the Shopify Market APIs.


Shopify is replacing some existing Discount APIs and recommending the use of the new GraphQL Discount types to manage discounts. You can build with these in Gadget by selecting the Discount model under the Discounts API Scope when creating or updating a Shopify connection in Gadget. 

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us on Discord. We’re happy to help you get started with these new Shopify resources or anything else you want to build in Gadget.

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