Hiring a dev?
Don’t break the bank.

Gadget gives Shopify developers superpowers to build apps in a fraction of the time, without compromising on requirements.

Less dev hours,
lower costs

We’ve taken the repetitive work out of the equation. Instead of wasting time on boilerplate code and setup, Gadget experts focus on building the unique features that make an app yours - while passing the savings on to you.

Most agencies charge between $100-200 / hr

"Working with a Gadget Expert has been awesome. I've worked with devs from third-party sites like Fiverr and it's always been hit or miss to find the right person. The recommendations of the Gadget team hold a lot of weight - all the Experts are great options."

Don’t just save on the setup

Gadget doesn’t just save you money during your app build, but over the entire lifetime of your app.

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Best practices built-in

When you hire a Gadget developer, you know your app is built on a platform that follows all the latest best practices.

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Minimal maintenance

Gadget handles most of the upgrades for your app, so you don’t have to keep a developer on retainer for regular maintenance.

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Whether it’s one sale, or a million, Gadget automatically scales your app to meet your traffic needs. Yes, even on Black Friday.

"With Gadget, time that would normally go into performance, security, and scalability can be spent on our client's success."

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Built by Shopify experts, backed by Shopify execs

We’re the same team of engineers that built and scaled much of Shopify itself, running massively successful products like the checkout, Shopify Payments, and Shop Pay.

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