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What's new and noteworthy in Gadget.

Q2 2023

To be developed

First-Party and SSO authentication

Enable Gadget apps with streamlined user management and seamless login experiences through first-party and SSO authentication options.

→ Expected to ship in June

New Shopify Connection flow

Set up your Shopify app more easily with an improved Connection flow.

→ Expected to ship in June

Computed fields with Gelly

Use powerful database features like computed fields with Gadget’s data access language Gelly.

→ Expected to ship in July


Node 18 upgrade path for existing apps

Upgrade existing Gadget apps from Node 16 to 18.

All new apps powered by Node 18

Leverage the capabilities of Node 18 on new Gadget apps. Learn more

Team management

Easily organize your applications and contributors into teams. Learn more

Vector database field type

Use Gadget to store vector data at scale for your AI applications.

Hosted React frontends (general availability)

Build your app's frontend in Gadget, with React. Learn more

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